1. Applicable Objects:

All customers who purchase products and equipment provided on the website http://trieuvu.com/ are eligible. The warranty, replacement, or repair depends on the specific product.


  1. List of Warrantied Products:


  1. Warranty Conditions:

The product is only warranted when:

  • The product defect originates from the manufacturer.
  • Within the warranty period.
  • The warranty certificate must be intact, without alterations, and bear the confirmation stamp from Trieu Vu Company.

Cases not covered by the warranty:

  • The product has exceeded the warranty period.
  • No equipment warranty or the warranty certificate is no longer intact.
  • Damage caused by mechanical impact, deformation, breakage, animal intrusion, or force majeure such as natural disasters, fire, etc.
  • Users disassemble the product without the consent of Trieu Vu technical staff.

For any inquiries regarding the Warranty Policy, please contact Trieu Vu Company via: