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Frequently asked questions about goods and shipping

Customers may receive their orders late due to factors such as:

  • Shipments sent on weekends (delivery companies will ship the orders on the following Monday and customers may receive their orders later than expected):

    In Vietnam, most delivery companies do not operate on weekends. Therefore, shipments sent on weekends will not be delivered until the following Monday. This can cause delays for customers who expect to receive their orders on time.

  • Delivery staff have not received enough packages from the delivery center:

    Sometimes, delivery staff may not have enough packages to deliver on their route. This can be due to a number of factors, such as a large number of shipments being sent on the same day or a delay in the delivery center. If a delivery staff does not have enough packages to deliver, they may not be able to deliver all of the packages on their route on time.

Customers who want to ship their orders to a third party or a company branch must provide the full contact information of the recipient (phone number, name, address). TRIỆU VŨ will send the invoice back to the customer to complete the transaction.

You can ask the sales department in charge of the order to check for you, or get the BILL number (bill of lading code) to check yourself on the shipping unit’s system, for example: Viettell post, Kerry ttc, VN post.

Frequently asked questions about paying

For custom-made or in-production equipment, customers are required to make a deposit of 70% of the order value.

Trieu Vu will accept cancellation and return of goods if the goods are not up to technical standards, have a manufacturer’s defect, or experience a problem during transportation. We will refund you.


We always have the best price for each quantity. Therefore, our customers always get the best price when buying products.

Frequently asked questions about returning goods

Each type of device has a different policy, but the maximum time for some types of devices to be exchanged (due to a manufacturer’s defect) is 1 month. If the time limit is exceeded, customers will not be able to return the goods, but only receive technical support or warranty.

In the event that the product is out of warranty, TRIỆU VŨ will still provide technical warranty support, either for a fee or free of charge, depending on the extent of the damage to the device and whether or not any replacement parts are required. The customer is responsible for paying for shipping costs.