1. Applicable Customers:

    • The delivery policy by CTY Trieu Vu applies to all customers purchasing products/services through the website http://trieuvu.com/ or conducting transactions directly at the company.
  2. Shipping Fees:
    • Case 1: Customers within Ho Chi Minh City (TPHCM): Trieu Vu provides free delivery for customers within Ho Chi Minh City.
    • Case 2: Customers outside the inner city of TPHCM and neighboring provinces: Shipping fees will be calculated based on postal services, with charges determined by the weight of the package and the geographical distance. The service options include express delivery (2-3 days) or standard delivery (7 days). Note: In the case of using Cash on Delivery (COD) service, customers bear the COD fee.
  3. Delivery Time:
    • Within TPHCM: Products will be delivered to customers within 1-2 hours from the successful order confirmation. In exceptional cases such as severe weather, vehicle breakdowns, or issues during shipping, specific delivery times will be communicated to customers.
    • Outside inner city and neighboring provinces: Products will be delivered within 2-7 days via postal services (depending on the chosen service). Additionally, in some instances, delays may occur due to unforeseen circumstances such as adverse weather, vehicle issues, or challenges in the shipping process. Customers will be informed of specific delivery times after verifying information with the responsible delivery unit.
  4. Transportation Methods:
    • Motorcycle delivery within TPHCM.
    • Express delivery services (Post Office – Viettel – Kerry – Fast delivery – Proship, etc.).
    • Freight transport, passenger vehicles, etc.
  5. Responsibility for Goods:
    • Trieu Vu commits to being responsible for the condition and quality of delivered products. In the event of damage or loss during transportation, Trieu Vu will coordinate with the delivery service, investigate the cause, and provide the fastest resolution to ensure customer satisfaction.
    • Upon receiving the product, customers are advised to carefully inspect the condition before signing the receipt. If issues such as damage, scratches, product defects, or missing components are identified within 7 days of delivery confirmation, customers should contact the hotline: 083.214.6789 for specific instructions. Products will be exchanged free of charge for manufacturing defects (details in the Warranty Policy). If customers sign the confirmation without noting any issues and do not express concerns within 7 days of use, Trieu Vu will not be responsible for subsequent requests for returns or exchanges.
  6. Other Conditions:

    • Trieu Vu will only deliver to the correct recipient and location as registered by the customer during the order confirmation. If there are changes in the recipient or if the registered address is unclear, Trieu Vu reserves the right to cancel the order and refuse service. To resolve this, customers should visit the CTY office to receive the goods.
    • If the ordered items are temporarily out of stock or do not meet the committed quality (for online orders), Trieu Vu staff will contact customers directly to arrange a new delivery time. Depending on the customer’s decision, the order status will be reviewed for cancellation, and the payment will be refunded to the customer’s account.
    • For any concerns or feedback regarding service and delivery quality, customers are encouraged to contact Trieu Vu’s hotline at 083.214.6789 or via email at thietbitrieuvu@gmail.com for assistance.