History of establishment and development

Trieuvu Technical Equipment One Member Limited Company was established in 2010 and officially established on August 27, 2015 to the present. With 7 years of experience learning, forming and developing, the Trievu company has built trust and reputation to all customers in many fields.

Products provided

  • Production and supply of equipment and machinery serving the chemical and petroleum industries
  • Production and supply of sealing equipment in the electricity, inspection, testing and drainage industries.
  • Production of equipment in the field of molds, anti-counterfeiting metal marking equipment.
  • Supply of sealing products in the field of road, air and water transport.


  • To be a leading company in Asia in the field of manufacturing, distribution of technical equipment in the chemical, cargo security and production industries.


  • With customers: always research and provide the highest quality products, meet the most work needs, the most reasonable prices and at the same time develop creative services with a mechanism after-sales to meet the needs of all customers.
  • With employees: always develop and build the best, most comfortable working environment, orient the development of linking the capacity of each individual, share all knowledge to grow together.
  • With the community: bringing harmonious benefits between the company and society through volunteer activities of individuals and businesses.

Core values

  • To satisfy customers and enhance the prestige of the Trievu brand.
  • Create products with high specificity and specialization.
  • Promote the production of equipment made by the hands of Vietnamese people.
  • Reduce the state of dependence on foreign goods
  • Share success to all partners and employees.




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