Delivery Policy

In order to help you choose the best products, equipment and best customer service, Trieu Vu is pleased to announce to customers delivery policy the following details:
Delivery Policy
1.    Applicable subjects

Delivery policy of Trieu Vu company apply for all customers when purchasing product through website or principal to principal transaction at Trieu Vu company
2.    Cost of delivery

•    Case 1: Customer in the area Ho Chi Minh city
Free delivery to customers in Ho Chi Minh city
•    Case 2: Outside the inner city and neighboring provinces
The purchase orders will be applied electronic transport, carriage will be based on volume block and locale distance and customers service wants
Note: In case customers use cash on delivery service, COD is paid by customers.
3.    Time delivery

•    In the area Ho Chi Minh city: 
Products will be delivered to customer from 1 to 2 hours when the purchase order was successfully approved.
(In the unfortunate case such as: rain, storm, damaged car…the warranty time will be specifically informed to you)
•    Case 2: Outside the inner city and neighboring provinces: Products will be delivered from 2 to 7 days by post (depend on the type of service that customers want)
( Also, in some cases, the goods may arrive later than expected due to some objective reasons such as rain, storms, broken vehicles on the road, malfunction during the shipment process…Delivery time will be informed to customer after checking information with the unit responsible for delivery)
4.    Transaction method 

•    Transportation by motorbike in Ho Chi Minh area
•    Shipping according to courier service (Post- Viettel- Kerry- …)
•    Transport by coach…
5.    Responsible for the goods

•    Trieu Vu commit to be responsible for the status and quality of products delivered to customers. In the unfortunate event such as: product damage in the process of transportation. The company will coordinate with the production unit, investigate the cause and will have the fastest way to handle the customer, not to delay your work.
•    When receiving your product please check carefully before signing (if using the postal service, the customer charges paid). Within 7 days (from the time of receipt), if the problem of damage, scratches, defects or components of the customer please contact hotline 0286.273.2174 for specific instructions. The product will be paid for free (see more at Warranty Policy). If the customer has signed and has no notes, comments about the amount of goods delivered. if any of mentioning problems occur after 7 days of use, we will not be responsible for the delivery requests for guests.
•    For customers in the suburbs, provinces and other cities, if the customer decides the shipping service, the responsibility for the goods is the risk of loss or damage to equipment during the transportation from the public to the destination will be fully owned by the customer.
•    Please keep the warranty card for warranty policies from the product of Trieu Vu company.
6.    Other conditions

•    Only delivery to the right recipient and the place where the customer has registered to confirm the order at the time of purchase. In the course of transportation if there is a change of address or address is wrong, unclear. We reserve the right to cancel the order and refuse service. To resolve customer please go to the company office to receive the goods.
•    If the goods are placed but for some reason the goods are not in stock as the stock is empty, quality goods are committed (order online), employees of Trieu Vu company will contact the customer to change the delivery time. Depending on the customer's decision, the order status will be considered for cancellation and return the payment to the customer's account.
Any questions about quality and delivery service. Please contact hotline   Phone0286.273.2174 or email:

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